3 Things to consider when selling your home

Dated: 06/05/2019

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Selling a home

To say, today has been a day for hang ups would be an understatement.  I made a mess in the microwave when my oatmeal over boiled.  I spilled fingernail polish remover on my “good” pants and then spilled pear juice on the other leg of my “good” pants and even as I write this article my word program is wavering back and forth between working and not responding.  As frustrating as this morning has been, it has shown some signs of being like the process of home selling.  When I woke up this morning, I expected a smooth day.  Instead, the rain forced me to replace my first choice shoe with rain boots and then continued the small blunders of the morning and it’s STILL morning….  So it can only get better from here, right?  I’ve heard so many sellers ask me, “it gets better, right?”  It usually does…   Overcoming setbacks are a part of what makes closing so special.  Being prepared and knowing what to expect can help make selling your home a little easier.  Here are 3 things to consider while selling your home:  


Selling your home is an emotional event.  You love your home and many sellers think everyone will love your home the way you do.  This is not always the case.  Understand the right buyer will come and bring their emotions too.  If you detach yourself and stay focused on the goal, the process will be a little better.  Stay focused on making a good presentation, having good representation and staying patient. 


If you are going to stay in your home until it sells, you will experience a bit of inconvenience.  At any time someone wants to see your home, it is best to vacate the property for a few hours.  Some sellers have stayed in their homes during showings making sure to stay out of the way, but you want your home to have little to no personal representation of anything or anyone during a showing.  Have an idea of activities to keep your family occupied during this time. 


Getting an offer on your home is exciting, but the flip side is if you are offered a price that may seem insulting do not be perplexed.  Know your bottom line before placing your home on the market.  If the offer can be worked with your goals in mind, it’s a good thing.  Everything is negotiable.  It’s the American way.

Selling your home can be exciting and somewhat daunting sometime.  Let’s see what we can do to make the process a tad bit easier by expecting some things to happen.  Being mentally prepared by detaching ourselves, expecting inconveniences and understanding challenges will make it just a bit easier. You can sell your home and get back to living a great life!   

– You are now Property Game Ready!

Adriane Hatfield,  The Real Estate Referee

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3 Things to consider when selling your home

To say, today has been a day for hang ups would be an understatement.  I made a mess in the microwave when my oatmeal over boiled.  I spilled fingernail polish remover on my “good

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