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Dated: 04/13/2018

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I have never really done a Blog before but I think I will give this a try. I am not a good writer at all, I kind of suck at it. English is not my first language so I guess I will just say... Excuse me for my typos and at times, poor grammar. So, yes, I was born and raised in Sweden and ended up in the states 2001, I just wanted an adventure and had plans on going home one day but I did meet this guy and this guy is now my husband and we do have 3 freaking awesome kiddos and a couple of pets. 

Our marriage have been a journey, not just regular marriage things but we have moved and moved and moved and not just across town, we have ventured through 5 states together so when I meet/talk to a potential relocation client, I know what is coming, I know about the stress, I know about the agony about how to pick that right moving company and how to cut cost down if the new company that hired my husband didn't give a good relocation package. Then we have the stress about selling your current home and pin point that new perfect location that has it all and at the same time have the best schools for your children but you don't want it to be to far off your new office location. Where is that? You read and do research, you join mommy groups and they all give you at least 12 locations and then you feel even more confused. So you are stuck between, should we buy right away or should we rent short term? What to do? 
Look, it all works out in the end, right? It is hard and it is stressful but you end up at your end destination somehow. If you are buying, fly out, look at homes with a fabulous realtor (me) lol, let me show you the city, let me do the hard work for you, that is what I am here for. Talk to to a lender right away, set that up so when you find THAT home you are ready to go. Book a moving truck, I can from my own experience tell you who did a good job and who broke my table my husband made for me. 
If you are leasing, let me help you find something under the budget so you can save faster to buy a home. Let me help you find rentals in an area that fits you and that you might think that you would like to own a home one day. It will be like a test drive to see if you like it there or not. 
I guess what I am trying to say is that relocating doesn't have to be a bad experience or as stressful as you might think it will be. It can be nice and easy too. 
Let me help you achive that. 

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Christel Magnusson Uhde

Christel Uhde EXP Realty Christel treats each client’s real estate transaction like the most important thing in her life, because it’s the most important thing in their life. She treats everyone ....

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