Pedestrian Bridge Linking Gulch And SoBro Gets Approval At Final Hurdle

Dated: 10/22/2014

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As Nashville's neighborhoods continue to grow, two of the hottest are the Gulch and 'SoBro' (just across the tracks in downtown). The project was originally voted down last spring due to the proposed answer of the question of "Who is going to pay for it?" City Council members did not want the money to come from tax payers, especially when so many areas elsewhere in the county need attention. 
The new financial plan put forth puts a lot of the weight on the surrounding buildings. Property tax revenues generated by seven of the Gulch properties would pay for the bridge by 2022. The article goes on to state that Mayor Karl Dean's administration has also committed to $17 million in new sidewalk projects countywide, a injection that is much needed and makes non-downtown/Gulch residents much happier. 
The old financial plan was voted down 30-2, but the new plan has completely reversed the opinions of the council wherein 30 members voted yes. 
It's great to see our city growing for the better and this bridge will add not only to the convenience by connecting these two hot areas, but also install another iconic structure to our already beautiful skyline. The bridge will have a 200-foot tower visible across downtown. 
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