Taking The Emotion Out Of Selling Your Home

Dated: 01/24/2018

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5 Things You Can Do to Eliminate Stress When Selling Your Home

One thing I know for sure: people get very emotional when it comes to selling AND buying a home. It is after all, one of the most expensive investments you’ll ever make, and many times it holds a ton of memories for you, the homeowner. Whether your home is your “dream home” or not, you have a lot invested with time and money, and that significantly plays into your emotions. You are seeing it through your own eyes, not the eyes of a stranger. How can you differentiate from the two views?

  • Picture that you have already sold your home and it is no longer yours. The inadequacies, the features you always truly wanted, that were never a part of your home are a longed for dream of the past. You no longer have to live with a too small kitchen, an outdated bathroom, carpeting instead of hardwoods, and so on. The things you wanted but didn’t have are no longer relevant. You’ve moved on and found your perfect home. This is easier said than done, but it’s a good start to cutting down on the emotions.

  • Walk through each room and ask yourself: what do I like about this room and what do I dislike in here? Is the paint a color that almost anyone could live with or is it a personal and uniquely “you” preference? How do you think others see each room? Do you think they can picture their personal possessions here instead of yours? From years of experience, including working with my own parents in selling their homes, it is very challenging to really “see” what others are seeing. My mother had a huge roadblock about her wallpaper and paint choices. She didn’t understand that 10-year-old carpet often wouldn’t show well to prospective buyers. And even when she was told that consumer reports and various articles published with the local Association of Realtors® showed that a pink bedroom could account for a possible 10k deduction in an offering price, she was not able to emotionally remove herself from the agony she felt of working to make her home just so.

  • Show me the money! Many people think their home is worth more than it truly is. How do you overcome this without emotions wreaking havoc on your daily thoughts? The most important thing you can do in pricing your home is to be flexible. Your home is an investment. The market is always fluctuating as in any investment opportunity. Sometimes you are riding high, and sometimes there are drops in the market. It’s a cycle that is ever changing, but it’s also an historic truth.  Be realistic. If you’re getting less for your home on your end, it’s likely you are getting a better deal on the other side.

  • Work with a professional! Do it yourself is great in theory, but would you work with a discount surgeon to perform your heart surgery? Every profession has its experts, and the old saying, “you get what you pay for,” is pretty much true. Additionally, when you turn things over to an expert, you are placing your trust and your worries on his/her shoulders, thus you are not responsible for errors, (unless you know things that must be disclosed,) and you can focus on your end goal: getting the home you REALLY desire.  Thus, unhappy/negative emotions are cut way down.

  • Set your goals. Work with a professional who can outline the steps from start to finish, so you know exactly what to expect throughout the process. Get to know your professional and let him/her get to know you. Make sure your pro is truly listening to you! It’s a relationship that will be invaluable to you and extremely fulfilling when you experience a smooth process! If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be on your way to reducing your emotions and anxiety connected to selling your home, which is truly priceless!

Valerie Clark, Realtor® GRI

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Valerie Cathell Clark GRI

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