eXp Realty Tennessee Testimonials

"Janet McArdle was a tremendous help in relocating my daughters to Nashville!

The whole process was overwhelming because we were unfamiliar with the area. Janet worked tirelessly to help us meet my daughters' needs.We were also on a tight timeline and we couldn't have done it without her!! I highly recommend her!"


I could not have asked for a better home buying experience.

Whitney was phenomenal when it came to knowing the area! She was able to use that knowledge to guide us to the perfect community and home builder for my husband and I. Whitney was always able to answer any questions and made the process very smooth. I can't say enough good things about working with her!

Glenda M.

Had a great experience with whitney!

She made everything so easy! I love her!

Morgan M.

I wanted to move and met Gazelle by coincidence.

Sadly, a medical emergency has pushed my moving plans to the back. When the time comes, I'll have Gazelle on speed dial. Out of all those interested in me within the realtor business, Gazelle became so much more than just some realtor lady when she cared to see how I was doing on a personal note.

M. Lewis

I would recommend Diane when looking to buy rent or sell a home.

She was so honest with us and took so much of the stress off of finding a place for us. we were moving from another state so i was very stressed trying to make sure we had the right place for us. She was amazing when it came to listing to was we wanted and what we were worried about. We did not make things easy for her being that we came to Clarksville and had only 2 days to find a place, but she did it in 1 day , and we got everything we were looking for and under our max price range. She was AMAZING and i would recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor!!!!!!!

Danielle Doyle

Belinda is the best at what she does, she took time with me and my wife when we were looking to buy.

She was very professional. We definitely recommend her.

Eddie Pitts

Jim did an exceptional job selling our home in Columbia, TN, (Less than 24 hrs.

to contract) and finding us our new home in Lebanon, TN. Incredible knowledge, responsive and flexible in accommodating our needs and wants. Highly recommend Jim.

Toby & Kathy Keen

Kevin was wonderful to work with and found us a house that was perfect for us.

He is very knowledgeable about the area and was very responsive to all our questions. He was open and honest about the process and made us a priority. We highly recommend Kevin for anyone looking to buy or sell a home. He is the perfect partner.


Gazelle provided a great service for me.

She answered all of my questions and helped me make an informed decision. Great Realtor. Thank you Gazelle.

C. Micheal

Gazelle is such a sweet person.

I had the pleasure of meeting her at an open house. She is very patient, knowledgable, and a joy to work with. She has your best interest and will help in anyway to find you a home that fits your needs.

K. Frye

Gazelle will work hard to get you the home you want at the right price.

D. Yohe

It has been a pleasure working with Victor as our realtor who helped make everything go as painless as possible.

Thanks Victor!


"She’s so very helpful, and patient.

I had so many questions and she was right there ready to answer all of them. Shes guided me through the whole process and made it very understandable. She’s been my realtor mom and I’m so happy I got to experience this with her. If your looking for a home, she’s the one! Thank you again so much for your help!"

Britany M.

Whitney was amazing & knew exactly what to look for, for us.

I am so pleased with working with her.

Morgan P.

When we hired Michelle, we were looking to purchase our first home.

We were concerned about getting a good deal, having a fenced-in backyard, and being in a nice neighborhood that was safe. We were getting ready to have our first child and there was a lot going on. We were surprised that it was so easy to purchase a home. Michelle pretty much did everything for us. We really didn’t have to do much. We just told her what we wanted. She showed us two homes. We purchased the second home we saw. ” Early on, we had some problems with the price. At one point, I thought we were going to lose the deal because of the home being over-priced. It was perfect and had everything we wanted. Michelle straightened all that out for us. The next day, Michelle called and said, “We got it for what we wanted it to be! You’re getting a great deal!” We got the house. I would recommend working with Michelle to others because it was just so easy. She really listened to what we wanted, she had a big base of all kinds of homes to show. Just tell her what you want and she can narrow it down to get you what you want. She is for you. She did a great job for us. It was awesome!

Kevin and Kelly M.

Diane has been one of the best realtors that I have ever worked with.

She is extremely thorough and patient. What I love the most about her is that she treats everyone like family and every house like it's her own! Her customer service is unmatched!

Frain Family

I discovered Gazelle through Instagram one day, watching a live feed about down payment programs.

Although we are in 2 different states, she managed to connect me with Michigan lenders/realtors, and proved to be a helpful individual.

A. Mason

Belinda has helped me sell and buy, and I strongly recommend her!

Sarah Dorris

Very thorough and very personable and efficient to work with.

Sandra Walker

Diane is sincere and very competent.

She has her clients best interest in mind and should the situation call for it she is capable of tuff love. I have viewed brand new houses and existing homes with Diane. She is a good listener and pointed out the good with the not so good. Diane also offers realistic options when negotiating.


My wife Pam and I contacted Diane Martin to assist us in purchasing our home.

Her initial response to us was superb. She is intuitive, kind, a great listener, and the most professional real estate agent we have ever encountered. She has kept us informed on all aspects of our home requirements on an almost daily basis. Her demeanor and professional acumen as a Real Estate Agent is second to none. We are fortunate and very proud to have her represent our future financial and home needs. Pam and I welcome the opportunity to speak to any one regarding Diane Martin as an agent

Alvaro and Pam

"your in good hands with Mrs Caroline for sure she helped us buy our home"

Benji T.

Would really recommend Gazelle to anyone as she is the best realtor in the area.

Her professionalism is unmatched and dedication to finding you the perfect home is endless.

M. Gonzales

Whitney was so great to work with and I highly recommend her services to everyone.

My wife and I had not bought or sold a home in over 19 years and Whitney walked us through the process like we were first time buyers just to make us feel comfortable. From the beginning to the end it was a great experience and will never use another Realtor.

Robert M.

What a friendly realtor.

It’s rare to find a realtor that actually works for you to find that perfect home. Gazelle works 24/7 to find a home that fits the needs of her clients and deserves to be Publicly applauded for a job well done.

Greg Hudik

I was very impressed with Diane's diligence and professionalism.

She was nothing short of awesome to work with and got me the house that I wanted at the price I wanted to pay. Diane was very knowledgeable about the entire process and answered all of our questions, regardless the time of day. I will be forever grateful for her help and will recommend Diane to anyone and everyone. We will definitely use Diane for any future real estate needs. Thanks for making everything go so smoothly!!!


gazelle is awesome, super patient and willing to help at every turn

J. Frye

My wife and I had been thinking about looking for a new home for several years and had instructed our friend Michelle to keep an eye out for homes that we might like.

Very soon, Michelle set up a time to show us several homes she believed would be a great fit for us. Michelle sensed my anxiety and calmed my fears from the moment we were in the car heading toward our first destination. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know, which was unnerving, but she assured me that she did know and was the reason I wasn’t doing this alone. As I entered the foyer of the first home we visited, something seemed different. The floors were hardwood, but they were four inches wide. I’m strange in that I typically don’t like hardwood, but this was unique and I liked it. Then we walked into the living room, which had four huge windows out to the back of the house. Bam! It hit me like a ton of bricks. You could see for miles—twelve miles to be exact. The house was on the downward slope of a hill that leveled off onto the 15th fairway of a golf course. I play golf. I staggered through the living room into a huge, inviting kitchen, pausing only briefly to notice that it, too, was perfect. I had to go out onto the back deck. It was fourteen feet up, but with the terrain quickly sloping downward away from you, it gave you the feeling of being much higher than you really were, and you could see over the next two hills. “This! I want this! This is what I want!” I shouted, quoting one of my favorite Steve Martin characters from the movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. I could see Michelle smile knowingly. She knew what she was doing bringing me here. As she showed me and my wife around the rest of the house, I realized it fit us like a glove. And though we visited several homes, we ended up buying the first one we saw. Michelle’s understanding of our wants, needs, and concerns translated to a nearly stress-free experience. Her warm professionalism led to complete trust. She never lost track of the fact that this was a big deal to us, no matter the price point. And for that, we’re grateful.

John and Kristy K.

When my husband and I were looking for a real estate agent to sell our home, we didn’t have to think long because we already knew the person we would pick, and that was Michelle Moore.

Michelle and I have been friends for many years. Not only are we friends, for which I am grateful, but I have had the privilege of working closely with her for many years by providing administrative support in her real estate business. Michelle is both extremely knowledgeable about the many facets of the industry, and very hands-on throughout the process of selling and buying a home and other various types of properties. She does her research and is in touch with what the latest marketing techniques are to be able to find the right person to purchase your home as quickly as possible. She is not only in it for the sale, but she seeks a relationship with you. She has given great care to the referrals we have given her, and we know she will be here and ready to assist us with our future needs as well. Michelle listens to you and to what your concerns are. I have seen her ability to overcome problems the homeowners have on many occasions, and she always manages to keep a cool head when faced with decisions. Michelle is a very compassionate and trustworthy person, which is hard to find these days. Another rare quality is giving your best, something my husband and I value. Michelle’s display of excellence is evident in everything she does and is reassuring when going through something like selling a home.

Tom and Barbara G.

I have been a civil engineer, contractor, and builder for over twelve years with the majority of that experience specializing in building.

Whether buying, selling, or building a home, my experience with and my opinion of real estate agents has never been good. Most agents place your home information on MLS and that’s it. They don’t think outside the box, work different ideas, and spend the time needed to actually sell a home in today’s market. Then I met Michelle. We met in 2008, on a large-scale development, and from the very beginning, she wanted to be involved in every aspect of the project. She provided a very needed and welcomed opinion full of experience and fresh ideas, due to the knowledge she had gained working with some of the largest development companies in the country. Later, when I set out to build a high-end home, I knew that we had a great design, but I was unclear on the price point and placement of the home. Furthermore, because of the other businesses I own and run, I was unsure if I even had time to deal with the marketing and customer relations that were required. After taking into account all the obstacles involved, I knew that Michelle was the person I needed to hire. From the beginning, she reviewed and gave valuable input on my building plans and helped set a price point on the home based on the amenities, the competition, and house comparisons around us, so that not only could I make the margins that I needed, but get showings almost immediately. I have never met a real estate agent who is more willing to take the time to make a deal work and offer customer service that is frankly, unparalleled. In addition to the fact that she sold a $600,000 house within two months in a down economy, she helped me with my dealings on the contractor/seller side, and (in my opinion) did the buyer’s real estate agent job as well. When it came to flooring, paint, cabinets, electrical, plumbing, and everything else that goes into a home’s selection, she was at every meeting for the buyer. She was professional, on time, and for the first time, I felt that a real estate agent earned every penny they were being paid. To put it simply, she made my job easier. Due to her experiences and God-blessed talent, she is an excellent real estate agent and the standard to which I believe all real estate agents should aspire. After dealing with Michelle, I now know what the normal should be and will never settle for less.

Joshua S., Alliance Building Group, LLC

Diane is very professional, knowledgeable and helpful.

Others I came in contact with failed to do their job in a satisfactory manner, but not her. I would recommend her to anyone looking to rent/buy a house in the Clarksville area.


Whitney is a phenomenal realtor.

From searching and sending us homes that were perfect, to scheduling times that worked for us, to going through the exhaustive contract and closing process, Whitney fought for us, argued with stupid people, and constantly did everything possible to help us. If we ever sell our home and buy another in the future, there is no one else we would use. Whitney now has us as clients for life

Sean and Alex McElhiney

Belinda is absolutely incredible!

She helped us find the most perfect first home! Not only was she an awesome Realtor to us, she became a forever friend to an we would recommend her to anyone!

Peyton Perkins

Jim is very diligent, insuring every detail has been addressed providing a smooth selling experience.

His efforts to market my property are creative and appealing resulting in immediate results from buyers. I encourage anyone considering a sale of property to call Jim, I would never use anyone else! - Winchester, TN

Larry Pickney

When I hired Michelle, I was looking for a Realtor® because I was new to the Nashville area.

As an investor, I wanted someone who was very familiar with the different areas of town that were the better areas to invest in and was also familiar with the lot costs. I really just needed someone to make me feel comfortable and I thought she was the right person for the job. My concerns, going into investing, were making sure that we didn’t pay too high of a price for the property and that we would still have our typical profit margins.” Michelle’s availability and readiness to get involved with every aspect of the project really surprised me. Typically with real estate agents, it’s more buying and selling but she was involved with every aspect of the investment—picking out paint colors, tile, and light fixtures. It was a totally different experience than what I have ever had with every other real estate agent. Michelle’s knowledge in investing as well as the construction aspect was very shocking to me. She was able to calm me down in a lot of decisions that I made and point me in the right direction. The experience of working with Michelle was very, very easy. As an investor there are so many decisions that need to be made. It was like she held my hand through the whole process. I would recommend working with Michelle to others because it just makes the process so much easier. With being an investor, there are so many things I need to be concerned about and take care of. So any aspect that can be passed on to someone I can trust makes my job much easier. She is definitely that person.

Jimmy J. ~ Investor

I like the professionalism and the enthusiasm.

Great to work with.

D. Miller

Jim has risen to the top of my list of people I'm most grateful for.

The time he invested in helping me find what I wanted and follow thru to the closing and follow up after was amazing. I am Atlanta based and was travel limited during this house hunt. I tip my hat to this man. He is professional, resourceful, patient, kind and definitely gives all he has to his client. I feel lucky to have found such a fantastic real estate agent. 5 stars is not enough, for he is superior.

Tracy Thompson

Thank you for being my mentor, my Agent and above all for working tirelessly to help us all sorts of ways.

It was pleasure working with you as always.


Gazelle is professional, experiences, and will do everything she can to sell your home or get it rented.

She will crunch a the numbers and make it easy for you while asking detailed questions to ensure you are getting the value you deserve.

M. Joseph

Whitney was beyond amazing.

My husband and I bought our first home and we thought it would be an overwhelming and scary process but Whitney helped us in every step and made us feel very calm. She definitely walked the extra mile for us especially because we were coming from another state! We will be forever grateful for everything she did!

Vic B.

When we hired Michelle, we were looking to sell a home that we actually purchased from her about a year and a half ago.

I was worried about the price. I wasn’t sure that we would get our money back out of it. Working with Michelle was a great experience. She came out to our home, sat down, and talked with us. She gave us the pros and cons, and was very knowledgeable about what we could expect to get for the house. Sometimes selling a home can be scary. You can think your home is worth more than anyone else does because it’s your house. She was able to listen and understand. Then, she helped us to decide the right price for the home in order to be where we needed to be in the market.” One thing Michelle said during this process was, “You better be ready! I am going to sell your house.” I had no idea it would sell THAT fast! It sold in under two hours after being put on the market. I would recommend working with Michelle. She really enjoys what she does.

Gary M.

I cannot express what a big help Michelle was when it came to selling our home.

She went above and beyond in answering all of our questions, most of them repeatedly, and making sure we really understood the process. No detail was too big or too small. We had an unexpected situation with our home, which was frustrating to us, but she remained calm. She kept assuring us that everything would be fine and repeatedly said, “Do not worry. I will be the first one to tell you if you need to worry.” She even made calls that were outside of her responsibilities to get our home sold. And she remained helpful long after her job was completed. I cannot express how impressed my husband and I were throughout the entire process of working with her. We’ve worked with Realtors® who were good, as well as those who were really bad, but Michelle is by far the best!

Sanford and Karen R.

Jim is the kind of man you want to help you make one of the largest investments you will make in your life.

..your next home! I highly recommend him!

Hope Cudd

"Caroline is very professional, reliable and knowledgeable.

I highly recommend!"

Jennifer M.

When we first chose Michelle, we were looking to sell our home.

We needed someone to help us with that process. Our concern with selling our home was trying to get top dollar when the housing market was at the very bottom. Working with Michelle was different from our previous experiences with real estate agents because of her marketing skills. She uses every available tool to help market your home, including Facebook and other social networking sites. Working with Michelle was amazing. She’s such a positive person who exudes confidence, and that confidence bubbles over so that you know she’s going to do a good job for you. Michelle knows how to stage a home so that you can depersonalize it and make it so that when someone comes to look at it, they will say, “This is my home.” I would definitely recommend using Michelle. She’s very connected in the Nashville area, knows just about everybody in the real estate business, and is very energetic. But if you use Michelle, you better be ready to move because she’s gonna sell your house! I would recommend using Michelle because of her go-getting attitude.

Tom G.

I had the pleasure to work with Maura looking for a place in the big city.

She listened so well and I ended up choosing the second property she showed me. I am grateful for the amount of time she put into explaining everything at a very basic level. Would love to work with Maura in the future, and recommend her highly.d


No one can beat your professionalism and knowledge, kindness and courtesy, dependability and work ethic!

Leslie Szeliga

With the birth of our daughter in 2009, we officially outgrew the 900-square-foot home I purchased as a bachelor in 2001.

The housing market was sluggish, and we knew that selling our home would require the right Realtor®. So we decided to interview real estate agents to get a better understanding of what we needed and what they could offer. The first agent we interviewed tried to convince us more about the worthiness of her company than the plan she had for selling our house. She also had a difficult time answering any questions that were not in her company’s notebook. Overall, her plan seemed underwhelming and impersonal. The second Realtor® we interviewed was Michelle Moore. We were referred by friends who had recently sold their home with her. Within moments of meeting her, we knew she was personable, passionate, and prepared. She listened to us, counseled us, shared her experiences, and laid out a plan to get our place sold. As she went over her multi-faceted marketing plan for our home, I thought to myself, “Wow, she really thought of every aspect, and on such a personal level.” As teachers, my wife and I appreciated the time Michelle took to educate us on the whole home-selling process. When she left our home that day, we knew she was the right Realtor® for us. My wife said with both fear and excitement, “We better start packing because she is going to sell this house out from under us.” And that’s exactly what she did! Our house sold and closed within four short months. We had trusted Michelle to help us sell our old home, and we trusted her when she led us to our new home. Trust is as important as knowledge, experience, and drive. If we had not trusted her, we could have ended up frustrated and hopeless with someone else. We are so thankful for someone who presented the total package.

Ted and Shana E.

Gazelle is amazing at what she does.

She gives 110%. She is fully invested. You don't find this type of quality and commitment in realtors very often. Thank you Gazelle for all your hard work and dedication!

J. Burgins

Michelle Moore was a joy and a ray of sunshine from the moment we met her.

Almost instantly her enthusiasm, professionalism, and passion for her job caught our attention and led us to wanting to have her on our team when building our home. As an Army Veteran, I would like to think of myself as a people person who has worked with and been around a lot of different folks from all walks of life. Michelle was (and still is) a very trusting, understanding person that you could not help but like. During the five-month process of building a home, I found Michelle to be a very spiritual, Christian person of faith. She was straightforward, honest, and did not lead us on or misguide us in any way. It was clear that she was very professional and knowledgeable in her field. We felt blessed to have Michelle as our real estate agent throughout the whole process and we know she is who we will be calling, when the time comes, with any other real estate needs. Besides my wife, Army “GSR” friends, my brothers, and very few close friends in my life, Michelle is definitely in my core group of true friends and family.

Maurice J.

Gazelle is an awesome addition to Clarksville.

She is a wonderful realtor and will always have your best interest at heart! She always make herself available to her clients. She is very outgoing and has no problems doing whatever it takes to make her clients happy! If your shopping for your forever home, give her a call...you won’t regret it!

D. Leonard

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