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How Interest Rates Affect Your Payment

Rates have jumped quickly this year and there's no guarantee we've reached the top. Take a look at how much buying power is lost while rates continue to rise. Waiting to buy could cost you ALOT of

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Mortgages Made Easy

For many buyers, mortgages can seem intimidating, confusing, and even a bit scary. Even if you’ve dealt with a mortgage before, it can be hard to know which mortgage type is the best for

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What Will My Net Proceeds Be?

For most sellers, this is the big question when it comes to selling their house. How much money are they actually going to walk away with once the house is sold and the deal is closed? The money you

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My Story

An early arrival taught me a valuable lesson.My pager beeped and I read the message, “911,” blinking on the screen. My classmates stared after me as I grabbed my books and dashed for.

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